Driving to Mexico - The Road Home

Driving to Mexico – The Road Home

When I left Wichita Falls, Texas and traveled the desert southwest of Texas into Mexico, I had no idea what adventures would await me. Mexican customs went smoothly, but the immigration and vehicle import process took more than an hour, at the hands of a very gruff yet extremely helpful gentleman named Pedro, who wanted to double and triple-check to

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Lost In Queretaro

Driving to the Riviera Maya – Lost in Queretaro

The trip from Saltillo south toward Mexico City had been amazingly smooth and relaxing.  The sun lit the distant mountain peaks through the morning fog. I encountered amazing sights and wished I’d had more time to stop, take pictures, and write.  But I was pushing myself to simply get to my new home on the Riviera Maya as quickly as

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Driving to the Riviera Maya

Driving to the Riviera Maya – A Dose of Reality

I’d fallen asleep writing in my travel journal – yes, dudes, it’s totally cool to keep a travel journal – and looking at maps. I’d been doing some math and figured I could make it from my current location in Saltillo, Mexico to the Arco Norte, which takes a traveler some 80 miles north of and around Mexico City, and

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Bienvenidos! Welcome to Andy’s Caribbean Blogspot.

The Eastern Yucatan Peninsula, 1993. That was the first time I laid eyes on the Caribbean Sea. I’ll never forget it. I’ve always been an avid traveler. I  suppose I have my parents to thank for that. We were always going places, whether it was a week at Lake Texoma in Texas to a cross-country trip into the mountains of Colorado,

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