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I’m Andy Anderson, a native Texan and a soon to be expat living on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico . I suppose that would make me a Texican.

About Me - Andy's Caribbean Blogspot.com
Andy Anderson – andyscaribbeanblogspot.com

My professional background has been in hotel management for the last eight years, and prior to that, financial management in the telecommunications field. And then there was that 15 year stint as a radio personality.  Yes, I’ve been around.

My passions: Traveling, writing, making music, and meteorological studies.

Yes, I said meteorological studies, lol. Sorry, I’m a geek like that.

I’ve been traveling to the Riviera Maya region of Mexico since 1993, and am now joining the love and light of my life, Kathryn, to make it my home. Though it’s changed so much over the decades, this region of the world still holds my heart and stills my soul.

I’ve met the most interesting people and never ceased to be amazed at just how much you can learn from total strangers. From stumbling into a beach bar where a donkey and pot-bellied pig are the main patrons, to walking along the streets of a tiny Mexican pueblo at night and finding yourself invited in by a family to participate in their son’s 15th birthday party, to the sights, sounds, and colors of Carnival, these people are absolutely amazing.

And I haven’t even mentioned the beaches yet. Any photo you’ve seen of the Caribbean pales in comparison to standing on snow-white sand, hearing the surf breaking the reef off in the distance, and gazing into crystal-clear emerald waters so beautiful words can scarcely describe them.

Embarking on this new journey, my goals are:

  • Sharing knowledge through words and photographs. Along the way, I will learn much more, and promise to share with you. In turn, I ask that you share your knowledge with me as well.
  • Provide consistent weather and water updates for the western Caribbean region, and the greater Atlantic during hurricane and tropical storm season. I’ve had a facination with weather since I was 5, and have been a storm chaser since I was a teenager, and maintain relationships with professional meteorologists and observers in the United States and throughout the Western Atlantic.
  • Learn to dive. I’ve been an avid snorkeler since I was a kid, but it’s time to take that next step.
  • See and experience as much of the world as possible with my beautiful girl.
  • Live, laugh, and love to the fullest.
  • Continue to perfect my musical skills and use them to make people happy. I’ve played guitar, both acoustic and electric,  since I was about 14. I play daily, but playing for people is a lot more fun than playing to four walls.
  • Hone my budding commercial voice-over and copyrighting service.

Thanks for checking in. I’ll be in touch on this blog on a regular basis. To reach me personally, feel free to comment on any post, or you can find me at:

Email:  andyscaribbeanblogspot@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andyscaribbean/

Twitter: @andyscaribbean