Invest 92E
Invest 92E on Sunday, June 11 2017. Source: National Hurricane Center

The National Hurricane Center is watching a newly-formed tropical disturbance south of Oaxaca, dubbed Invest 92E.

This disturbance is nearly, if not already, a tropical depression, and is moving north-northwest as it intensifies and moves toward the Mexican coast.

Primary threats from this system will be heavy flooding and mudslides as it moves inland over the mountainous terrain of southern Mexico and Guatemala.

Tropical Disturbance Yucatan
Major forecast models depict a tropical disturbance forming in the Gulf of Honduras by midweek. Source:, Global Forecast System model.

Meanwhile, global computer forecast models are suggesting the development of another tropical system later this week, forming as a disturbance near the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone and moving north into the Gulf of Honduras, with slow intensification as it continues toward the eastern Yucatan peninsula.

Expect cloudy to mostly cloudy skies along the Riviera Maya along with periods of rain and increasing wind as the week progresses.

Author’s Note: The above commentary is opinion based on observations by professional meteorologists. For official information, always consult the National Weather Service and National Hurricane Center.

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