Where Have I Been? And What’s to Come?

I’ve received a few e-mails from concerned readers wondering whether I’ve died, gone off the grid, or am simply trapped under a fallen piano. Where have I been? I’m here. To say the least, life has been very, very busy here in Mexico. As you may know, I’ve been working for LocoGringo.com as a contributing writer, and it’s kept me

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The Freedom of Traveling Light

  Travel. The very word evokes notions of journeys to destinations unknown. A trek through the Amazon rainforest to visit a remote civilization few have ever seen. A photography expedition in the Mayan ruins of Coba. Kicking white sand barefoot on a Caribbean beach in the shadows of coconut palms. Grazing along a ridge in the highlands of Colombia. Swimming

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Is Traveling to Mexico Safe?

Before I made the decision to live in Mexico full-time as a travel writer, friends and co-workers who knew I frequented Mexico often would often ask the question. “Is traveling to Mexico safe? I hear it’s really dangerous down there!” While reading a really great blog entry on LocoGringo.com, I began to reflect again on that question I’ve been asked

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driving to Mexico

Six Lessons Learned Driving To Mexico

In May, 2017, I began a new life. I’d been flying to Mexico about once every 1.5 months to be with the love of my life, Kathryn, who has lived on the Riviera Maya for a few years now. We’d been talking about putting our lives together, and finally reached the decision to just do it. The perfect time would

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An Incredibly Fast Way To Learn To Speak Spanish

When I moved to Mexico, one of the first commitments I made to myself was to learn to speak Spanish.  The importance of this became incredibly significant as I progressed through the country on my journey from Texas to my new home on the Riviera Maya. I can count exactly two times during that 2,000 mile road trip that I

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Driving to Mexico - The Road Home

Driving to Mexico – The Road Home

When I left Wichita Falls, Texas and traveled the desert southwest of Texas into Mexico, I had no idea what adventures would await me. Mexican customs went smoothly, but the immigration and vehicle import process took more than an hour, at the hands of a very gruff yet extremely helpful gentleman named Pedro, who wanted to double and triple-check to

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possible tropical storm western Caribbean

Possible Tropical Storm In The Western Caribbean By This Weekend

  A very broad area of low pressure is currently forming over the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, and is expected to intensify through the week, possibly organizing into a tropical storm by this weekend. All residents in the immediate area are urged to have food, water and safety preparations. Which reminds me, I need to get down to Tulum to

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driving to mexico

Driving To Mexico – Heading East

My eyes were open at just after 9am on Monday, May 22, 2017. By now, I’d hoped to be in Puebla, some 60 miles east of Mexico City. Instead, I was about 85 miles northwest of Mexico City, after a half day of bumbling around the city of Queretaro, with no GPS guidance and a road atlas that made the

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Invest 92E Tropical Disturbance

Invest 92E Forms in the Eastern Pacific, Possible Yucatan Disturbance Late This Week

    The National Hurricane Center is watching a newly-formed tropical disturbance south of Oaxaca, dubbed Invest 92E. This disturbance is nearly, if not already, a tropical depression, and is moving north-northwest as it intensifies and moves toward the Mexican coast. Primary threats from this system will be heavy flooding and mudslides as it moves inland over the mountainous terrain

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Lost In Queretaro

Driving to the Riviera Maya – Lost in Queretaro

The trip from Saltillo south toward Mexico City had been amazingly smooth and relaxing.  The sun lit the distant mountain peaks through the morning fog. I encountered amazing sights and wished I’d had more time to stop, take pictures, and write.  But I was pushing myself to simply get to my new home on the Riviera Maya as quickly as

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